Haptagram Oni<br>NFT

Haptagram Oni Oni Squad is creating play-to-earn games adapted from proven types in the casual-mobile and play to earn space. In a first-of-its-kind Haptagram, this Oni’s owner’s human heartbeat has been imbued directly into this cutely creepy Oni. Your Oni is alive! Feel his laughter and experience its song. Check it out on the Haptagram App. The only […]

MAKING MUSIC COME ALIVE <br><p style="font-size: 10px">MAKING MUSIC COME ALIVE</p>

Make music come alive MAKING MUSIC COME ALIVEWhether a solo artist hitting your favorite note or an orchestra mastering a rare ballot, Haptagrams bring music to life, giving you the ability to touch the music and connect directly with the masterful artist(s) creating the world’s favorite medium. Experience this Haptagram and others on the Haptagram […]