150x Free FeelCoin

Important - FeelCoin needed to bid
To participate to this auction, you must acquire 50 FEELS for a value of USD 3.38. Your purchase will be in USD and you will receive the corresponding FEELS within 24 hours on your BEP20 wallet. You will be able to bid as soon as the USD amount is paid.

NFT purchase instructions


FeelCoin is the unit of exchange for the Haptagram Network, a network with novel content imbued with touch combined with sight, and sound that is now possible.  FeelCoin gives a new generation of content makers, professional developers, and publishers greater economic power to monetize individual creativity through an entirely new dimension of experience on a touchscreen. Buy FeelCoin to get access to unique digital experiences, and next-generation NFTs that for the first time combine Touch, Sight, and Sound.  Prominent artists and renowned content makers will soon make available Haptagram NFTs for sale that their fans can own with FeelCoin.